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Monday, January 10, 2011

Best Super Bowl Commercial Idea EVER

Doritos and Pepsi have found a way to advertise on the Super Bowl and guarantee that their ads will be ridiculously viral.

They have partnered together to create the “Crash the Super Bowl contest,” where anybody could create an ad for either Doritos or Pepsi Max, submit it, and allow people to vote for it. They were overwhelmed with over 5600 entries! The top five contestants for each product based on consumer votes win $25,000 and a trip to a luxury suite at the Super Bowl, where the top three for each product will be shown during the game. After the Super Bowl, the contestants win additional $$$$ for being in the top three of all commercials shown during the game, to the tune of up to $1,000,000! Doritos and Pepsi could potentially spend TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS+ in prize money, commercial space, Super Bowl tickets and contestant travel combined. Is it worth it? You tell me.

Here is what they get out of it:

5600 combined videos being shared on YouTube and Facebook by everybody who is somehow connected to anybody involved with or related to people involved with the creation of the ads. Plus 6 Super Bowl commercials. That translates into HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF VIEWS.

But we are missing out on the best part that makes Doritos and Pepsi absolute geniuses…They are GUARANTEED to have ridiculously viral ads this year. Guaranteed. Think about it. 5600 ads floating around on Facebook, Youtube, Myspace…Ok Myspace is a nonfactor (don’t tell Tom I said that)…but you get the point. The best 3 for each product are chosen. I am pretty sure that 1 out of nearly 1000 entries will be funny and viral enough in nature to get me to watch it again and again, thus marketing Pepsi and Doritos to myself.

Congratulations Pepsi and Doritos! You just caught the secret of social media and have earned yourself a whole boatload of revenue!

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